Why Drupal? What are its features?


  • Open SourceDrupal is open-source.
  • Awards: Drupal has been the leading content management system in the world for many consecutive years. Drupal is the award winner for the most secure platform.
  • Huge Collection of Modules: A lot of free and open modules and tools have been developed based on Drupal.
  • Big Community: Drupal benefits from a vast global community of active developers and programmers with a huge collection of educational contents about its platform.
  • Independence: Thanks to global and public standards of Drupal, the business owner will have the independency of decision in order for working non-stop and stress-free in case of having problems with one specific contractor team or company.
  • Extensibility: Drupal is a highly extensible and flexible platform. In other words, it is completely possible to add more and more features to the project during development procedure in order to meet new requirements. All the features and subsystems are installed on the same unique core.
  • Integration: Informational, CRM, HRM, library management, e-commerce, forums and blogging websites all can be running seamlessly on a single system with a unique core.
  • User Experiences: The end user will access to a simple user friendly interface by which s/he can manage various sections and procedures in the easiest way possible.
  • Saving: All the above features will result in saving huge amount of time and consequently money in product development process.
  • Sub Systems: There are various types of subsystems integrating in Drupal.
  • Develop Platform: Drupal development is based on the power of Symphony framework which benefits from features and up-to-date global programming standards such as MVC.
  • Commerce: The existence of flexible financial infrastructure for managing financial processes.
  • Flexible Data Structure: The data structure is designed to be purely open and flexible
  • Headless (First API-First Service): In the latest versions, the Drupal core can independently act as a powerful software core in order for providing various web services to a lot of applications and devices.
  • Multilingual: The ability to be multilingual infinitely.
  • Multisite: The management of infinite number of websites with different domains on one single core and panel.
  • Flexible Report Maker: Flexibility in making various detailed reports.
  • JavaScript base admin UI: The ability to customize UI with JavaScript from the core.
  • Workflow: The support for designing various types of workflows
  • Media Management: The centralized management of files and media.
  • Etc.
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